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slapd does not start after OpenSSL upgrade


self-compiled slapd (tested REL_ENG_2 and REL_ENG_2_1) does not start anymore on my system (SuSE Linux 8.0, glibc 2.2.5) after applying OpenSSL security upgrade provided by SuSE (openssl-0.9.6c-78). This used to work smoothly before. Even when recompiling OpenLDAP it does not succeed.

If I disable all TLS-related options in slapd.conf it starts and works ok when accessed by ldap:// (without StartTLS) and ldapi://.

Note: The client libs are working when accessing other servers via LDAPS.

I've attached a strace log of the startup hang.

Apache with mod_ssl still works on this very system. Same shared libs are used.

Ciao, Michael.

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