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Re: gentlehup

Howard Chu writes:
> We can get a seamless restart if we fork/exec a new copy of slapd that
> inherits the currently open listener sockets. All the other descriptors
> should be CloseOnExec.

You can't expect that from other descriptors than the ones created by
the OpenLDAP code.  BerkelyDB, Perl modules and so on do what they want.

> (Or we could explicitly loop through the descriptor table and close()
> all descriptors that aren't in the listener list.)


> It would be a good idea to add some of the commandline-only options
> into the config file parser - listener URL and IPv4/IPv6 handling come
> to mind.

Note that slapd.conf is read after the -u and -r options are processed,
which is done after listener URLs are opened (becuase that must be done
as root).  So you'd have to put those options in some new config file
which is read earlier than slapd.conf.