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RE: Re[2]: OpenLDAP 2.x To Do List: back-bdb

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> Hello Kurt,
> First, slapd-bdb(5) manpage may refer to db_archive(1) which
> discovers online backup scenarios:
> http://www.sleepycat.com/docs/utility/db_archive.html

I guess a pointer to the BDB docs in general would be a good idea.

> Second, do You find reasonable to implement the following BDB
> options:

I personally would rather not implement any more BDB options in the slapd
The BDB library already has its own config file parser. It may be less
to force admins to manage a separate config file, but the BDB library always
for it (DB_CONFIG) and its values always override anything set by the API
anyway. Also, anything we add will need to be documented, and I see little
in writing documentation that just echoes what's already in the BDB guides.

At most I'd include some text to the effect of "there are a number of tuning
options that should be configured to get optimal performance with this
consult the BDB docs for tuning details."

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