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Re: back-bdb multiple access

>I suppose, if one really wanted to run multiple slapd's from a single BDB
>database, one could comment out the DB_RECOVERY at startup, and set the
>cachesize to 0, thus forcing each slapd to always use the database directly.
>This would probably shoot any possible performance advantage from having
>multiple servers though.

There existed a similar issue in the LDAP/NetInfo Bridge in Apple's Open
Directory (http://www.apple.com/server/opendirectory.html): updates can
either come from NetInfo RPC, or LDAP clients. Further, there are tools on
both sides (nicl, slapadd) that can modify the database directly on disk
for recovery or population purposes.

The NetInfo database library uses stat() to check for external processes
having modified the database, and flushes its cache (and, optionally, invokes
an application-provided callback; the NetInfo RPC server also has its own
cache) if it has.

-- Luke

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