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RE: OpenLDAP Dynamic Backends

Once IBM's SLAPI code is contributed, I think this would be a nice example
of a post-operation search plugin.

-- Luke

>From: "Howard Chu" <hyc@highlandsun.com>
>Subject: RE: OpenLDAP Dynamic Backends
>To: "Charles D Sizemore" <cdsizemo@us.ibm.com>, <openldap-devel@OpenLDAP.org>
>Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 12:57:58 -0700
>You don't need to change anything in slapd/result.c, you can use callbacks to
>invoke your code. If the dynamic data resides in completely separate objects
>you may be able to just use subordinate backends to assemble the search
>results. Otherwise, you can still use the code in slapd/backglue.c to model
>your own backend with callbacks.
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>Subject: OpenLDAP Dynamic Backends
>I need OpenLDAP to serve data that is partially static and partially
>generated on the fly.  Because the number of dynamically generated fields is
>very small, it seems to make sense to implement some kind of proxy backend
>that handles those  few objects and passes the rest of the searches off to a
>std backend.
>I think that the correct way to do this is to generate the field after the
>other backend has failed it's search.  It doesn't make sense to scan every
>search for a certain substring.  Does it seem sensible for me to drop code in
>slapd/result.c that calls my back-dynamic module?
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