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Some Problems with 2.1.3 (and HEAD) on 64bit archs


After some small changes to liblunicode (see ITS#1960), I was able to build
2.1.3 on Linux on various 64bit arch (including ia64, ppc64 and s390x aka
z-Series).  The server seems to work well, though I haven't had the chance
to test enough.

But now I have some trouble with the client side (it seems to work on ia64
though). Sometimes when I issue a query using ldapsearch the client just
hangs in a call to read() and never comes back again.

This however happens only after the last result attribute of the search was
returned. (strange, isn't it?)

Attached you will find a backtrace of the client process. (generated on a
s390x running SuSE Linux 7.2)

Do you have any hints what I can to fix this problem?

BTW: It doesn't make a difference what OpenLDAP version is running on the
server side, it reproducable with 2.0.23 and 2.1.3.

Ralf Haferkamp

SuSE Linux AG                                    - The Linux Experts -
Deutschherrnstrasse 15-19                         http://www.suse.com
D-90429 Nuernberg, Germany                        Tel: +49-911-74053-0
#0  0x10000295ec6 in read () from /lib64/libc.so.6
#1  0x8004df10 in sb_stream_read (sbiod=0x8005bb30, buf=0x8005ded0, len=16384)
    at sockbuf.c:495
#2  0x8004e55a in sb_rdahead_read (sbiod=0x8005c930, buf=0x80062377, len=3)
    at sockbuf.c:656
#3  0x8004eeb2 in sb_debug_read (sbiod=0x8005c990, buf=0x80062377, len=17)
    at sockbuf.c:821
#4  0x8004dca8 in ber_int_sb_read (sb=0x8005bdb0, buf=0x80062377, len=17)
    at sockbuf.c:410
#5  0x80048eb8 in ber_get_next (sb=0x8005bdb0, len=0x1ffffffca78, 
    ber=0x80062360) at io.c:482
#6  0x8000eb70 in try_read1msg (ld=0x8005b9b0, msgid=-1, all=0, sb=0x8005bdb0, 
    lc=0x8005c330, result=0x1ffffffceb8) at result.c:428
#7  0x8000e6ea in wait4msg (ld=0x8005b9b0, msgid=-1, all=0, timeout=0x0, 
    result=0x1ffffffceb8) at result.c:300
#8  0x8000df6e in ldap_result (ld=0x8005b9b0, msgid=-1, all=0, timeout=0x0, 
    result=0x1ffffffceb8) at result.c:109
#9  0x8000813c in dosearch (ld=0x8005b9b0, base=0x0, scope=0, filtpatt=0x0, 
    value=0x80050108 "(objectclass=*)", attrs=0x1fffffff2e8, attrsonly=0, 
    sctrls=0x0, cctrls=0x0, timeout=0x0, sizelimit=-1) at ldapsearch.c:1069
#10 0x80007cba in main (argc=9, argv=0x1fffffff2a8) at ldapsearch.c:978