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> From: Michael Stroder [mailto:michael@stroeder.com]

> Howard Chu wrote:
> >
> > On the server side I'm considering what it would take to leave
> the internals
> > in UTF8 and just translate DNs specified in the config file. Could use
> > something
> > like BSD's xstr to extract the string constants from the source and
> > ASCII-encode
> > the ones that are ber_print'd as a preprocessing step. Still not
> sure, the
> > debug logs would be ugly.
> Make sure to find out which EBCDIC variant to use (see RFC1345).
> IMHO it's not worth the effort.

The OS/390 compiler assumes the source code is written in codepage IBM-1047.
and iconv() can be used to deal with the variants.

This may not be so bad, the compiler has an option to generate string
constants in ASCII. So building the server with all-UTF8 internals is only a
matter of translating a couple interfaces:
   System input in EBCDIC to ASCII: read_config, argv
   Server output in ASCII to EBCDIC: debug, log
Also runtime functions that expect EBCDIC arguments will need translation
(gethostbyname, open, etc...) and ctype would have to be replaced with an
ASCII version.

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