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Re: Password updates and shadowLastchanged

>If so - would a patch to have slapd execute an external command with
>the dn of the object updated as parameter upon a succesfull password
>change be a viable solution? Would something like that have any chance
>to accepted into the openldap sources?
>And if I am wrong and there is already a way to acomplish this, please
>tell me :)

You are correct that this should be implemented on the server-side. I
think a way to call an arbitrary function in a dynamically loadable object
would be much neater than spwaning another process, though. This kind of
functionality should be available once IBM contribute their SLAPI
implementation, as you will be able to write a post-operation plugin to
the Netscape plugin API (assuming extended operations are supported, if
that's how you are changing passwords).

-- Luke

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