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Re: In-directory changelogs

> I've implemented draft-good-ldap-changelog-03.txt in the current OpenLDAP

> HEAD. Whilst I'm aware that the replication goal is to have LCUP support
> (although this seems to have disappeared from the TODO list), there has
> discussion on this list in the past regarding simple changelog support.

> Would there still be interest in getting this functionality into the
> code? If so, I'd be happy to submit my patch for inclusion - it currently

> needs some polishing in terms of configuration, and publishing changeLog
> location in the rootDSE.

If this is Netscape-style "you can query the changelog via LDAP", then this
is the feature that has the higest priority for us - and the lack of it is
the primary showstopper for adopting OpenLDAP in DaimlerChrysler.

We use this feature to do Stupid Replication Tricks.

So yes, there is interest.

DaimlerChrysler Directory Services