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Re: In-directory changelogs

At 05:44 PM 2002-06-20, Simon Wilkinson wrote:
>I've implemented draft-good-ldap-changelog-03.txt in the current OpenLDAP 
>HEAD. Whilst I'm aware that the replication goal is to have LCUP support

Yes.  It's simple and should cover must folks needs.  But uses
of LCUP goes far beyond replication.

>(although this seems to have disappeared from the TODO list),

Jong is going to take this on... but I'm sure he'd appreciate help.

>there has been 
>discussion on this list in the past regarding simple changelog support.

Yes.  there's even a patch for 1.x (see archives).

>Would there still be interest in getting this functionality into the OpenLDAP code? If so, I'd be happy to submit my patch for inclusion - it currently needs some polishing in terms of configuration, and publishing changeLog location in the rootDSE.

Have you consider how to deal with log purging issues?