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RE: Microsoft Windows Port

Probably the MS linker doesn't recognize the .a library file format. You may
need to use Cygwin/GNU ar to extract all the contents of the library, and
use MS lib.exe to create a library that it likes. Not sure, it may also fail
to recognize the .obj file format, in which case you're out of luck.

In general you should not link static libraries into DLLs. You should build
libldap and liblber as DLLs. libtool is still rather broken in this area,
but you can beat it into submission...

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> Subject: Microsoft Windows Port
> I compiled OpenLDAP 2.0.25 on my Windows NT using Cygwin and everything
> compiled okay.  How do I get my DLL to link in the static library
> (libldap.a and liblber.a) using Microsoft linker?  The linker keep
> telling me that it can't find libldap.a and liblber.a, I even renamed
> them with .lib and still no luck.
> Shawn