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ld_errno field & ldap_perror


I MUST develop an LDAP client
i MAY get no answer, but OpenLDAP developpers
SHOULD be able to answer these
3 questions :

why is ldap_perror() deprecated ?
I noticed that it takes an LDAP structure 
parameter, while
ldap_err2string() only takes an error code param...

What is the difference between the result of a 
function (eg ldap_search_ext_s())
and the ld_errno field of the LDAP structure ?

Example :
it seems that when a function (eg ldap_bind_s()) 
doesn't end normally,
the error code is returned
BUT the ld_errno field is filled with the error 
code too !!??
-->extracts from clients/tools/ldapsearh.c :
	rc = ldap_initialize( &ld, ldapuri );
	if( rc != LDAP_SUCCESS ) {
		fprintf( stderr, "Could not create 
LDAP session handle (%d): %s\n",
		rc, ldap_err2string(rc) );

if ( ldap_bind_s( ld, binddn, passwd.bv_val, 
                   authmethod )	!= LDAP_SUCCESS ) 
{ ldap_perror( ld, "ldap_bind" );

(Related to first one)
Why does ldapsearch.c use BOTH ldap_err2string & 
while C API's draft claim ldap_perror() is 
deprecated and recommend to use ONLY 
ldap_err2string ??
this seems a bit "hybrid"...

Thanks in advance for help


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