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Re: openldap-config script? - Re: SLAPD Crashing due to search (ITS#1840)

At 04:49 AM 2002-06-04, Kervin L. Pierre wrote:
>Garry Thomas wrote:
>>        My concern is I won't be able to recompile it accurately enough
>>to only change this one aspect of the compilation. Is there any way to
>>work out what compile time switches/attribute have been used in this
>I do not know of a way.  But you can probably get the source rpm from the redhat site and run run of those rpm "info" commands to view the build configuration.  I'll try this later on today and let you know.
>But this raises and important point for the group.
>Can a script that stores this information be built at compile time and installed with openldap?  This would also be useful in figuring out what shared libs to link LDAP applications with at their compile times. Currently there is no way other way to figure that but trial and error.
>I am thinking something like the 'gnome-config', 'imlib-config', etc scripts.  Something that allows a programmer to do "gcc my_ldap_app.c `openldap-config --libs` -o my_ldap_app" and "openldap-config --show-configure-flags", "openldap-config --prefix", etc.

Feel free to contribute something in this area....