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Re: Threads and race conditions in slapd

The thread pool fix has been committed to HEAD.
Additionally, new BDB locking code has been committed.
Please test.


At 04:59 AM 2002-05-27, Simon Wilkinson wrote:
>I'm trying to track down a strange, intermittent, bug with the CVS head (and 
>beta1). The symptoms are that slapd crashes having produced a number of 
>"bind: ber_scanf failed" errors. 
>Further investigation seems to suggest that connection_operation is being 
>called multiple times for the same operation. Things which hint at this are 
>the fact that the c->ops queue is empty (its the attempt to remove the 
>operation from the queue that causes the crash), and that c_n_ops_executing 
>is a negative number. The problem seems to only arise when the server is 
>under a reasonably heavy load. We're running on a Linux SMP system - if that 
>makes any difference.
>I've found one possible problem with the thread pool (additions to the free 
>list weren't protected by a mutex - ITS#1839) but am unsure how this could 
>cause the problem I'm seeing, and I'm even more unsure about where else to 
>look. Has anyone else seen this, or have any thoughts on the best line of 
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