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Re: is back-sql still maintened ?

I often don't have much chance to do a lot of reading of this list, sorry for the tardiness of responding. I have also been looking and working with the back-sql code. I had worked out some problems (especially odbc probs) with the code...however it was with an older version of openldap then the HEAD, so I didn't feel comfortable working on it. I will be picking it back up soon (as the system I put into production will be needing some upgrading soon), I will then make every effort to post back the code. Unfortunately, (since there are so many types of databases and so many exceptions to the ODBC rules per database vendor type and even per version) it is hard to push out a fix for one system without being sure it won't break other systems (even working out the unit test on this would be difficult, I feel). Unfortunately there is no truly standard protocol to work with all databases.


--On Monday, May 13, 2002 11:56 PM +0200 Frederic Saincy <freddy@lovelinux.org> wrote:



I check out HEAD branch and i tried to patch as i can.

It seems to be a big work: no BerValue, BerVarray, dnValidate,

What about back-sql ?