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Re: 'userpassword' handling in backend

back-perl, IMO, shouldn't be using entry2str().  The
add function should just push the attributes on the stack
much like the modify function does.

If entry2str() is used for adds, then the modify should
be LDIF-based as well.


At 01:12 PM 2002-05-28, Kervin L. Pierre wrote:
>the way the userpassword is handled seems to inconsistent.  If an entry is
>added with the 'userpassword' attribute then the value is encoded in
>base64 before being passed to back-perl. This is done in entry2str()
>function.  If the 'userpassword' is being set with an ldapmodify, then the
>value is not encoded before being passed to the backend.
>My question is, what are the benefits of base64 encoding the userpassword
>attribute?  If it is done with the ldapadd, shouldn't be done with the
>ldapmod as well?