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FW: commit: ldap/tests/scripts test005-modrdn

This test was using $? to see if a preceding compare succeeded. But there
was a kill (to shutdown slapd) between the compare and the test, so really
the test was getting the kill's result code. I.e., the success reported by
this test script has been a bogus result.

After finding this problem I browsed through all the other test scripts and
found multiple cases of $RC being tested but not being set. So again, the
scripts would not properly detect if a particular
had failed. Generally $RC contained the result of the last ldapsearch used
to check if slapd was started yet. This problem affected nearly all the
scripts, but fortunately it's less critical; the final comparison test
was still valid.

After fixing these problems I didn't find any new test failures on my Linux
build so I don't think we've missed anything serious here. The test005
problem was actually interfering with my MinGW testing, because the Cygwin
"kill" command is unable to kill regular Win32 processes, and always returns
a failure code. I have to manually kill the slapd's between each test, but
aside from that I've been able to run all of the test scripts successfully
on Windows.

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Fix success test on last comparison


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