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Re: CA cert and ldaprc handling issues in OpenLDAP

Please direct OpenLDAP software use questions, including
those regarding use of OpenLDAP LDAP APIs, to the software
list.  This list is reserved for discussions specific to
the development of OpenLDAP.

Thanks, Kurt

At 01:58 PM 2002-05-13, kervin@blueprint-tech.com wrote:
>A few questions...
>(i) How does a programmer control wether the OpenLDAP library searches for
>the ldaprc ( ldap.conf ) file?
>I believe that in some conditions, that doing so might be a security risk.
>(ii)  Is there a way to specify which ldaprc file to use at runtime?
>(iii)  How can a program at runtime specify a CA cert file to trust? ie.,
>specify the TLS_CACERT option at runtime?
>I am writing a program where the user gets to specify what CA cert to
>trust, possibly even at runtime.  And I also need to eliminate the
>possibility of using ldaprc files found in default locations.
>Any help would be appreciated.