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RE: referral mess in HEAD

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> From: Kurt D. Zeilenga [mailto:Kurt@OpenLDAP.org]
> Ny suggestion is to focus on getting LDAPv3 working right.
> Getting LDAPv2+ working right is impossible as the design
> of LDAPv2+ is flawed.  The client cannot tell the difference
> between a LDAPv2+ referral and an LDAPv2+ search continuation.

Right, I'm going to ignore LDAPv2 now since it looks like its behavior
is unrelated.
> At 02:43 AM 2002-05-02, Howard Chu wrote:
> >There are still a bunch of problems with referrals, I still got 
> into a hang
> >in ldapsearch waiting in select after all outstanding requests had
> >completed. There is also an abort situation, which appears to be due to
> >mixing V2 and V3 referrals in response to a single query. (The 
> V2 referrals
> >come from the global referral directive in slapd.conf.) 
> Shouldn't slapd be
> >returning the global referral in V3 format on a V3 query?
> Yes.

I think I had a misconfigured global referral causing this problem to show
up. (Used ldap://:port and it requires ldap://host:port to work.) After I
fixed that this part of the problem disappeared.

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