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Re: ACI parsing bug

The initialization of slap_schema should likely now be done
as part of the system schema initialization (prior to loading
configuration files).  This *should* be a simple change.  I'll
take a look at it.

At 08:43 AM 2002-03-29, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>I've found a problem in 2.1 ACIs which may impact other stuff. 
>an access rule of this sort 
>access to *
>        by aci read 
>causes aclparse.c to attempt to use the default ACI attribute,
>"slap_schema.si_ad_aci", but this is initialized only __AFTER__
>the configuration is read, by slap_schema_check().  This causes
>a cure dump while reading the access line, but I guess the same
>problem may occur elsewhere with other built-in attributes. 
>I don't quite understand the logic of this attribute initialization,
>it looks quite involved, so I don't think I can come out with
>a clean fix in short times (mainly beacuse I don't see all its
>implications).  ACIs can still be used by forcing 
>access to *
>        by aci=OpenLDAPaci read 
>They seem to work fine, although I didn't stress them. 
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