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I've been working on a new backend for OpenLDAP that acts as a gateway to
an openAFS PTS server. It allows you to make LDAP queries to slapd and get
back information from PTS; it is a readonly interface.  The backend also
knows how the ACLs in PTS work (the SOMAR flags), so you can run slapd
with an administrative token that can read all of PTS, and it will then
compare your LDAP bind DN with the PTS flags of an entry to determine
what information to hand back to the LDAP client.

Would anyone else be interested in this backend? Is it worth uploading as
a new backend?


% ldapsearch -h ldap-dev -b ou=PTS,dc=andrew,dc=cmu,dc=edu ptsName=adamson

dn: ptsName=adamson,ou=PTS,dc=andrew,dc=cmu,dc=edu
objectClass: ptsEntry
ptsName: adamson
ptsId: 51360
ptsGroupQuota: 18
ptsMembership: 32
ptsOwner: system:administrators
ptsCreator: aams.admin
ptsFlags: S----

-Mark Adamson
 Carnegie Mellon