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Re: JLDAP Modify Operation bug


By all means send the patch.   The only time a Modify Operation/Delete
Values) should
be allowed with no attribute value is when the Attribute is to be
deleted from the Entry.
The same thing is true for Modify Operation/Replace Values.


>>> "Dane Foster" <dfoster@equitytg.com> 21-Mar-02 11:18:10 AM >>>
Hi Steve.

I've come across what I think is an
assumption bug in the JLDAP API.  I think the assumption is that every
must have a value therefore there is no attempt to check or act if an
doesn't have a value.  A situation where an attribute may not have a
value is a
delete modification.  The attribute doesn't need a value because
(obviously) its
going to be deleted.  This bug manifests itself as a
java.lang.NullPointerException when you try to do a delete

The last time we spoke things were kind of up in the air about changes
to the
API, if things have settled down now I would like to send you my
changes that
handle the bug I mentioned.  Let me know at your earliest convenience.

Dane Foster

Answers come to people who ask questions.