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Re: back-bdb quirk?

Howard Chu wrote:
> Did you discover anything more about this problem? I have just now finished
> adding 20000 entries to a database with no errors (using the current HEAD).
> 0x4000 = 16384, I would have expected to see what you ran into unless it's
> been fixed.

I've been out for a few days, and I had no chance to investigate or even
with HEAD code; I'm afraid I can't work on that until Saturday. All I
found is 
that the problem seems to be all confined in db4, so, unless it is (was) 
triggered by improper usage earlier in back-bdb, it sounds a bit
difficult to
investigate (I haven't studied anything of the internals of db4 yet).
It sounds like exausting cursor resources, but I'm quite unfamiliar with
topic, sorry.


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