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RE: OpenLDAP / win32

I have compiled Openldap on Win2000 and it is working properly. It is not very
difficult task, but sure, some more intricacies are required than compilation on


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>Here I am back again with question I posted time ago and I read a number of
>posts also.
>As I know there's around a number of ports on Windows NT, Windows2000 and so
>Would it possible to host a working win32 port on the official OpenLDAP site
>Kurt what do you think about ?
>The availability on this platform would increase popularity of OpenLDAP ( as
>happened with apache ).
>I would also volunteer to put efforts together, so If anybody knows about
>ports on this platform and can give me further information would be glad to
>put all this together, so please let me know.
>Thank you very much,