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Re: back-perl and password/user synchronization

Luke Howard wrote:
According to my understanding of perlembed, dSP C macro expects a 'PerlInterpreter' pointer called 'my_perl' to have been defined. But in ldap/servers/slapd/back-perl/perl_back.h the perl interpreter defined is...
extern PerlInterpreter *perl_interpreter;

It worked out of the box with Perl 5.005_03 on a (reasonably) vanilla
Solaris 8 system.

Possibly newer versions of Perl have problems?

Sorry, if I forgot to mention. I'm trying to get back-perl to build on Win32 ( Windows 2000 ) using activestate perl.

This is part of a slightly larger effort to develop a OpenLDAP solution for the single-signon problem.

(i) We have a sourceforge project to gather documentation and code at http://acctsync.sf.net/

(ii) Osama Dengler wrote a password filter that updates a OpenLDAP user's password when the password on an NT Domain changes. http://www.denglernet.de/ This code is *very* Alpha. But testing would be greatly appreciated.

(iii) I am working on getting back-perl to build on Win32 to facilitate the creation of NT accounts / changing of NT passwords, whenever that is changed on the OpenLDAP server. My model is that the UNIX OpenLDAP server pushes account changes to the Win32 OpenLDAP server. The Win32 OpenLDAP server uses back-perl to make the account changes to the system.

So, if anyone has any insight to perlembed, win32 perl, or back-perl, please let me know.

On a related note, I think it would be good to extend the interface
presented by the glue code to allow the backend to return arbitrary
LDAP result code to the client, not just LDAP_SUCCESS or

I was thinking the same thing.


-- Luke

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