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Re: help! (openldap backend)

If I understand your post properly, you want to use the OpenLDAP
server as a backend for a registry application.  I note that discussing
use of any LDAP server (in general) for a particular application
is more appropriately discussed on the U-Mich general LDAP
mailing list.  If you have use questions specific to OpenLDAP
software, those should be take to the OpenLDAP software mailing

This list is reserved for the discussions regarding the
development of OpenLDAP itself.

Mailing list information can be found at:


At 07:01 AM 2002-03-13, Sebastien Cat wrote:
>Object : WE NEED HELP !!!
>We are two students and this year we must write a backend to openldap for our 
>school whose name is EUDIL(engeenering school in France).
>Explanation : Our school use to put all their members in a register 
>(repertory) , and of course they don't want to overwrite all their members 
>with usual command from openldap because it would be too long.
>So we must write a new backend that give them possibilty to see the EUDIL's 
>register more quickly and simply.
>Is there someone who has ever writen such a backend ?
>If you can give us some help contact us with this joining e-mail: