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RE: attribute sent multiple times

Title: RE: attribute sent multiple times

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Ok, this isn't so cool anymore, "attribute provided more than once" is breaking more of my client code when run against 2.0.23.  I am using the contrib/ldapc++ code, and it is easy to get multiple attributes in that code.

Looking in servers/slapd/add.c there is a new line
if (!repl_user) {
        *text = "attribute provided more than once";

a bit earlier:
repl_user = be_isupdate(be, op->o_ndn);

and inside be_isupdate, my be->be_update_ndn is null and op->o_ndn is the full DN of the object I am attempting to add.

It looks as if repl_user is zero because be->be_update_ndn is NULL.  Can anyone please tell me why I am having this problem?