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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd schema_init.c

At 06:25 AM 2002-03-02, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>ando@OpenLDAP.org writes: 
>>Log Message:
>>null length string is not allowed
>This fixes a failure analogous to that of '(cn=)' filter for modrdn
>and so.  What happens is that LDAP_rewrite calls the *normalize
>function for the attribute description in each AVA; on turn,
>the *normalize function expects to operate on a validated value.

LDAP_rewrite, when doing DN normalization (v prettying) needs
to validate before normalizing. 

>IMHO, each *normalize function should also do validation (at least, complain
>about values that wouldn't pass the appropriate *validate function),
>otherwise we need to do a validation prior to any normalization.

Well, it was designed as a two step process to avoid having
to validate already validated input.  There are numerous cases
where values may never be normalized or normalized only as
needed to support subsequent matching.

>If this behavior is preferable, then we need to change at least the DN
>normalization functions, but I suspect every normalization function
>as well. 

I think we should first fix things to work "as intended" then
consider whether it would be appropriate to change approaches.