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Re: RE : cvs HEAD, dumb filter (cn=) crashes slapd

John Hughes wrote:
> >> Just doing a ldapsearch (cn=) crashes slapd,
> >>
> >> schema_init.c:542: failed assertion `normalized->bv_val'
> >I'll check that later; can you tell me what client/library
> >version did you use?
> 2.0.18-Release
> Same results with 2.X (as of today) and perl-ldap-0.25.

I asked because I knew "cn=" was handled correctly by the
ldap_str2[r]dn routines at some stage of their development,
so I suspected a (mis)use not expected or so.  I'll check
it in a moment, but I'm about to leave for the weekend, so
I'm not sure I'llbe able to fix it tonight.


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