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Crashing OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2 with malformed MODRDN


Look at this LDIF snippet for provoking a malformed renaming operation:

-------------------------- snip ----------------------
dn:  ou=Correct Name,ou=Testing,dc=stroeder,dc=com
changetype: modrdn
newrdn: ou=Malformed++Name
deleteoldrdn: 1

-------------------------- snip ----------------------

$ ldapmodify2 -x -h localhost:1389 -D"cn=root,dc=stroeder,dc=com" -v -w ****** -f temp/malformed-renaming.ldif
ldap_init( localhost:1389, 0 )
modifying rdn of entry "ou=Correct Name,ou=Testing,dc=stroeder,dc=com"
new RDN: "ou=Malformed++Name" (do not keep existing values)
ldap_modrdn: Operations error
additional info: unable to parse type(s)/value(s) used in RDN

ldif_record() = 1

It seems that the request is processed and the entry is renamed altough a proper error was returned in the LDAP response. Afterwards the server crashed and is not reachable anymore. The old entry which was falsely renamed is not visible and probably stays as trash in the database.

Ciao, Michael.