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Re: str2filter

At 11:12 AM 2002-02-20, June Sup Lee wrote:
>I used str2filter function to create the Filter structure and
>found out that str2filter crashes in case of substring filter.

Seems to pass my simple tests.  If there is a specific
filter that causes the problem, I suggest you file an
ITS with details (include stack back trace).  It's
also best to duplicate the problem without use of
custom code.  In this case, it should be possible to
reproduce the crash using slapd's ACL filters.

>I patched it with
>    250         while ( val && *val ) {

val cannot be NULL (at least in HEAD and OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2),
so this seems like a pointless patch.

>but it also causes crashing when I call filter_free().
>I assume that the filter structure created by str2filter() is
>different from the filter structure created by get_filter().
>Don't you support the str2filter function anymore?

str2filter() is still available for backend use.