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Subordinate Knowledge Information

(repost on openldap-devel since I got no response on openldap-general)


I was wondering: if I have a c-prog that uses the ldap_search() function,
do I need special things to let it work with Subordinate Knowledge
Information, as explained in
http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin/referrals.html ?
The reason is this: I would like to split my ldap servers, eg uid starting
with "a" go onto ldapserver 1, the rest to ldapserver2. Now I have some
services that use ldap (qmail, proftpd), and I was wondering if I do split
it up and use subordinate referrals, if I would need to change the c-code
for the ldap searches to handle referral responses so they find the uid on
the correct ldap server?

With friendly regards,