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startTLS code added to jldap

I have checked in code that implements startTLS/stopTLS in the jldap

I have also changed the factory interfaces to conform to the IETF draft
i.e. makeSocket->createSocket.

It should be noted that the current implementations of JSSE that we
tried (Sun and IBM) do not allow stopTLS to work.  For Sun's
the original socket is unusable after closing the TLS socket (even
autoclose is false).  IBM's JSSE hangs when you close the TLS Socket.

A new socket factory LDAPTLSSocketFactory has been introduced which
must be implemented and provided to LDAPConnection if using startTLS.
A JSSE implementation of this factory is provided.

The get/set Input/Output stream methods have been removed from
LDAPConnection.  I can find no practical use for these and at any rate
can find no way to safely implement them.

Questions and comments are welcome.


Steven Sonntag
Novell, Inc., a leading provider of Net business solutions