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RE: partial replication of entries/attributes

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> Masarati

> Good job, although it's going to give a lot of headaches:
> if one entry is stripped some attributes but all the values
> of objectclass pass, then it may be broken; would you consider
> this a problem (e.g. no replica even of those info that were
> allowed) or a feature (the test didn't pass so it was a success)?
> Maybe we'd consider the automatic inclusion of objectClass among
> the replicated attributes, and select only those values that
> comply with the listed attributes (I'm talking in principle,
> I know the answer: that's what we can get now; in the future
> we'll do LCUP :).

Well, I've patched this such that if specific objectClasses are
in the filter list, then only those values of objectClass will be
propagated in the log.

I've checked that this works as intended with a modified copy of the test011
stuff. There's another potential issue since only explicitly listed
will be replicated; even if the complete objectClass is replicated it won't
have any of the operational attributes (like for lastmod, etc.). And
it doesn't work to add "+" to the filter list because str2anlist doesn't
what that means. Perhaps it should.

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