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RE: partial replication of entries/attributes

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> Masarati
> > Since this list affects both adds and modifies, it would be 
> worthwhile to
> > ensure that "objectclass" is always on this list if it's used at all.
> > Otherwise you could add an entry that is completely ignored, 
> but later have
> > a modify come along that references the entry. (The replication 
> would fail
> > since the slave never saw the add.)
> Good job, although it's going to give a lot of headaches:
> if one entry is stripped some attributes but all the values
> of objectclass pass, then it may be broken; would you consider
> this a problem (e.g. no replica even of those info that were 
> allowed) or a feature (the test didn't pass so it was a success)?

I think the whole notion is a potential problem, but I also have a distinct
need for the feature, and I trust myself not to misuse it.  }-)

The best way to use the attr list is in fact to use objectClasses there,
not just individual attribute types. That way you can ensure that Adds
in the replog will always have valid data, including any required
attributes for the relevant objectClasses.

> Maybe we'd consider the automatic inclusion of objectClass among
> the replicated attributes, and select only those values that 
> comply with the listed attributes (I'm talking in principle,
> I know the answer: that's what we can get now; in the future 
> we'll do LCUP :).

Right!  }-)

The reason I'm doing this: I have a unified authentication database that
contains Kerberos, Unix and NT attributes in a single object per user.
I want to replicate only the NT attributes to an ActiveDirectory instance.
If I replicated the entire entry, ActiveDirectory would barf on the other
stuff... For my purposes, all Adds will always have a complete set of
attributes, so there is no danger of "stripped" entries getting lost.

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