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Re: ACL performance again

> On Monday, 28. January 2002 07:04, Howard Chu wrote:
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> > > [mailto:owner-openldap-devel@OpenLDAP.org]On Behalf Of Stephan Siano
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> > > Good idea. Actually the only ACLs which are value dependant are
> > > access to ... by dnattr=... self... clauses (b->a_dn_at and b->a_dn_self
> > > are not NULL for one of the items in the acl_access list of the access
> > > control) and those containing ACIs. Both conditions could be evaluated in
> > > aclparse.c.
> >
> > Actually there's another case, ACL sets. Too bad there doesn't seem to be
> > an easy way to cache these, because they are value-dependent and can be
> > very complex and expensive to evaluate.
> How do these ACL sets look? I couldn't find anything about it in the code. 
> The only places where the val parameter in acl_mask() is used are the two 
> cases mentioned above. 

There's no documentation about that, and reading the code seems not very
practical because it is quite involved.  I was trying to write a man
page; all the info you can get is from -devel:


Follow the entire thread by Mark Valence (maybe there's more in other 
threads) and I'm sure Mark, based on his spare time, will ask any
question :)