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Re: test002: TLS required?

> I did a complete make clean, cvs update, configure, rebuild, no errors.
> make test runs both bdb and ldbm to completion. (And by the way, bdb is
> noticably faster than ldbm now. test008 finishes in 0:59 on back-bdb, and
> 1:16 on back-ldbm on my PII-400.)

I'm having a "random" amount of problems in running tests with bdb; 
recently I'm expereincing failures right from test003-search, where
tests with equality filter cause slapd to die (actually to hang).  
I stepped thru the code but with little success (I have to say that 
I've very little time to dedicate to the problem). I note I was using 
gcc 3.0.2 and db 3.3, so I rebuilt from scratch with gcc 2.95 (RedHat's 
2.96) and db 4.0 and the exact filter search makes slapd hang.  I'll 
dig into it further, if I have time.  Is there any suggestion (hints,
special settings, twirks you used in building back-bdb) you can give?

In the meanwhile all my tests and development will be done against