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Re: OpenLDAP Java LDAP API To Do List

On Sat, Jan 19, 2002 at 12:57:29PM -0700, Steve Sonntag wrote:
> Jeff,
> To be honest I haven't looked at the C++ API in contrib.  If anyone
> on the list has an interest, please speak up.

> -Steve
> >>> Jeff Costlow <j.costlow@f5.com> 18-Jan-02 6:23:45 PM >>>
> What is the status of the C++ API checked into
> openldap/contrib/ldapc++? 
> The API is originally based upon the Java
> API.  I know I sent a patch that added a start_tls method, as well as a
> few other things.  I wonder if the APIs should try to be kept close
> together, or if they'll just evolve seperately?
I think they should be kept together where it makes sense. So we don't have
to invent the same funcionality twice, in two different ways :). But I have to
note that there are already some differences between the C++ an Java API.
I don't know how many people out there want to develop LDAP-Applications 
in C++ and Java at the same time. And there are still a lot of differences
(e.g. Memory Management) between C++ an Java which prevent you from using
the same API-design for both languages (or at least make it harder).

> I also notice the LDAP C++ API seems to be mostly defunct.
The problem is, that I hadn't much time recently to develop on it. So I
only submitted a few bugfixes and some additions that people sent me as
feedback (like your start_tls patch). There are still lots of things todo. 
I will post a list of ToDo items for the C++-API on this list later today. 

Ralf Haferkamp

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