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RE: ad_cmp()

At 04:01 PM 2002-01-18, Howard Chu wrote:
>This is definitely a mistake, the macro should still have been usable for sorting and it isn't now.
>It looks like the only occurrences in slapd are using it for simple yes/no match, which is probably
>why it wasn't noticed.

I've modified ad_cmp() so that returns values usable for
ordering.  The order is not lexigraphical.  If lexigraphical
ordering is needed, I suggest adding an ad_strcmp() macro.


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>I note that the behaviour of ad_cmp() has changed recently, to return 1 if the strings are unequal lengths. Whilst this is obviously a good optimisation, it breaks anything that depends on the result being a lexicographical comparison of two attribute types. (We had used ad_cmp() to build an AVL tree in our backend.) 
>Just thought I'd point this out, as it took me a while to track down in our code. I haven't checked the rest of slapd to see whether it is used in this fashion. 
>-- Luke