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Re: back-bdb deadlocks


forgot something. Must have missed my morning coke ;)

You wrote:
> I've tried several other approaches as well. One that helps is to run the
> deadlock detector automatically, (dbenv->set_lk_detect) instead of having a
> separate thread do periodic deadlock checks. (When it deadlocks so frequently,
> resolving only once every N seconds is much too slow.) In addition, it seems to
> help a lot to configure with dbnosync. Not sure why, but the number of
This is quite logical. Without dbnosync, locks are only released after the pages
have been written to disk, which takes way more time than just stuff a dirty
page back into the mpool.

> deadlocks drops dramatically then. Also setting the deadlock resolution to
> "youngest" instead of default ( =random ) helps. With these settings the test
This is very trivial.

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