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Re: OpenLDAP To Do List

At 01:04 AM 2002-01-12, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> Implement localization
>I recall reading that someone was working at the project.  Does anyone
>know if this work is still alive, and in case what's its status?

There was a just bit of work in this area last summer, namely to
add -lldap support for localization of API error strings.
However, the code is not used as we yet have an infrastructure
for managing source/derived catalogs of strings.  Work here is

>We have been doing a lot of reworking recently (and someone in my
>company came out with the request for more and more meaningful
>diagnostics, so I might try to add messages to the many 
>NULL send_ldap_result() calls).

I generally support such but note that many send_ldap_result()
calls purposely do not provide more meaningful diagnostics.  In
particular, there are a number of security considerations to made

>As a consequence, it would be nice to do all the future diagnostics
>reworking conforming to the guidelines of a localization project
>(if any, of course!).

I don't think we'll have meaningful guidelines until there is more
localization (and the catalog infrastructure) in place.