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Re: schema check

At 12:01 AM 2002-01-11, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>#   Used in conjunction with 'extensibleObject'
>#   in 'cn' it holds the name of the subsystem it is monitoring
>objectclass ( TBD
>        NAME 'monitor'
>        DESC 'OpenLDAP system monitoring'
>        SUP top
>        MUST ( cn )
>        )

Another alternative would be to have:
        ( TBD NAME 'monitor'
         DESC 'OpenLDAP system monitoring'
         MUST cn ABSTRACT )

in the system schema (schema_prep.c), and then to construct
all the STRUCTURAL classes for each type of monitor entry,
and associated monitor attributes, in monitor.schema.

This alternative approach may make checking system schema easier.