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Re: LDAPv2 -> LDAPv3 in slapd and client API

At 11:56 PM 2002-01-09, Stephan Siano wrote:
>Ok, I see why it is as it is, but for what reason the draft is not changed? 
>(I mean it's a draft, so it might actually be changed.) All major LDAP 
>implementation should allow LDAPv3 binds by now, so it doesn't really make 
>sense if the API doesn't do it by default.

Because the draft is work has stopped as it was clear that
consensus necessary for publication on the Standard Track
was not obtainable, LDAPext is concluding.  I suspect the
authors will likely pursue this as individually (hopefully
as Informational).  Here change would depend on what the
authors intend.  They could have the I-D just document
an existing implementation or something new.

This is a VERY good time for some other individuals to
draft a new API specification...