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Re: ACL performance again

At 08:57 AM 2002-01-04, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>I should clarify:   For the most part OpenLDAP ACM granularity
>is attribute level.  But, due to certain directives, the
>granularity must be treated as if it where value granularity.
>If these directives are not in use, then the granularity is
>attribute level.

In looking at the code, there is normally a call to
access_allow() for the target without any values followed
by one call to access_allow for the target with each value.

One could pass out a from the first call the pointer to the
first ACL which is value specific.  If this pointer was
NULL, then the access_allow() result for the target without
any values would be applied to targets regardless of the
value.  If non-NULL, the pointer would be provided on the
each per value call and used to jump start processing.