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Re: want to understand how back-ldap works...

> Is there any reason to keep back-ldap around, since back-meta is a superset?
> Maybe we should remove back-ldap and avoid some duplication.

Well, it is a superset and, as a consequence, requires a bit more work
to configure it.  It is less stable (both in terms of software stability
and of design stability): when making it use bervals I noted a few
weaknesses in handling binds (a user in general successfully binds to 
one target a time) and incomplete meta-trees (e.g. if there's one level
of the tree that's missing, it was handled correctly in searches but not
in add/modify/rename/delete; I fixed it but I'd prefer a more elegant
solution).  Maybe, in the long term, this replacement will take 
place, but I'd feel more comfortable if we leave it around for peer
proxying (e.g. for 2.X).