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Re: Default Pretty Form of DNs

At 12:12 AM 2001-12-25, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> >My thinking is that we should have a normalization form that is
>> >used internally, and easy parsing would make sense there as well.
>> >Unless we can parse it only once, and pass the parsed result
>> >around.
>That's what I'd like to do: a 
>typedef struct slap_dn {
>        struct berval   dn_raw;
>        struct berval   dn_pretty;
>        struct berval   dn_normalized;
>        LDAPDN          *dn_PRETTY;
>        LDAPDN          *dn_NORMALIZED;
>} SlapDN_t;

There are many cases in the code where only
one of these is needed.  Maintaining them
all in each case would be extensive.

(I'm thinking we need to let the dust settle a bit
before we consider next steps in this area.)