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Re: Default Pretty Form of DNs

On Mon, Dec 24, 2001 at 09:54:47AM -0800, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
> I prefer the hexpair form as it makes a number of DN string
> manipulations much easier.  For example, issuffix needs to
> check that it's splitting at a separator.  If hexpair's are
> used, then it just needs to check for ',' at the split.
> But if "\," and '\\' are allowed to appear, one needs to
> do more checks.  As a compromise, I'd be happy if "\5C" was
> used instead of "\\".

When is pretty to be used? I thought pretty was for output to
humans (and logs), of course it might make sense then as well.
My thinking is that we should have a normalization form that is
used internally, and easy parsing would make sense there as well.
Unless we can parse it only once, and pass the parsed result
around. I think the normalized form (used internally), should be
UTF-8 (no hex for non-ascii). I see no reason to hex escape non-
ascii, only extra work. For output to logs (pretty form?), we
should hex escape some non-ascii characters, maybe all. Could
you Ando, or someone else?, tell me why you want to do hex-
escaping of non-ascii internally? I'm not in doubt what I want,
but I could be missing something... (: I really should read that
piece of code, but I think I'll do some other stuff and wait
till it settles a bit. Looks like three of you are working a lot
on this right now.

Merry X-mas (or maybe more PC, Seasons's Greetings),