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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd/back-ldbm dn2id.c

> I believe your comment is unnecessary/misleading. The call to dn_parent
> occurs after the check for be_issuffix. The be_issuffix check is needed to
> avoid creating a DN_SUBTREE_PREFIX index for the backend suffix. For
> example,
> 	be_suffix: o=foo
> 	new dn: ou=zip,o=foo
> The code will create a DN_SUBTREE_PREFIX index for ou=zip,o=foo
> It will then call dn_parent(ou=zip,o=foo) and get o=foo.
> It will then create a DN_ONE_PREFIX index for o=foo.
> It then must not create a DN_SUBTREE_PREFIX for o=foo. The be_issuffix check
> at that point is required, cannot be optimized out.

I mean: if pdn is one level below the suffix, be_issuffix(be, pdn) will fail;
the next call to dn_parent will return NULL, so there won't ever be a successful 
call to be_issuffix(be, pdn).