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Re: Problems with case folding of UTF-8

> On Sat, Dec 22, 2001 at 07:07:42PM +0100, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> > Can you, Stig and Michael, provide a set of strings that do not
> > work, so that I can try to see what's going on? I didn't have 
> > any problems with few selected accented letters, while I found
> > that strange folding with others so the code is not completely
> > broken but there might be different subtleties here and there.
> Okay, here is one that fails for me:
> adding new entry "cn=Stig VenĂ¥s, dc=my-domain,dc=com"

OK, I'll look at it.  Note that at present the DN parsing
expects the DN already in escaped form; I'm not sure yet 
of what should happen if a string in UTF-8 is sent in.

Your string should be some

	"cn=Stig Ven\<hex><hex>s, dc=my-domain,dc=com"

This is my ignorance: should I accept a UTF-8 string and
turn it into an escaped one or what?  Please help.