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Re: Problems with case folding of UTF-8

Can you provide an example?

At 09:19 AM 2001-12-22, Michael Ströder wrote:
>Stig Venaas wrote:
>> I've digged more into this now, and you're right, something was wrong.
>> My apologies for not realizing this at once. Unicode has a composition
>> exclusion list. Due to a bug in the exclusion code in ucgendat.c we
>> excluded quite a lot of compositions that we shouldn't have. I've now
>> replaced 15 with 5 at two places in ucgendat.c, and everything should
>> be okay. So please check latest CVS and let me know how it works.
>I've updated my CVS tree but still slapadd says something about
>"could not parse entry (line=xxx)".
>> BTW, with latest HEAD I'm not allowed to have non-ascii DNs it seems.
>> I haven't tried to see why yet. I suppose you are aware of it.
>Maybe the LDIF parser is broken?
>Ciao, Michael.